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  • Professional Development are proud to announce the development of a Customer Relationship Management system called ALO.

  • This morning equipment failure in the Sky Tower saw web services affected for a number of providers including Clear and ICONZ. As a customer of ICONZ, unfortunately Professional Development Ltd websites were affected and offline while the technicians...

  • We are conducting training with a client atm on social media tools within their website and how to use a blog effectively

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Governments GST hike

Posted by ProDev Admin at 5:01pm, Thursday 20th May, 2010
National has announced in the latest budget that GST will increase to 15%. The good news for our e-commerce clients is that under our Service Plan, we will change the GST code in our websites to reflect the new value at no extra cost!!

Email Where RSS Dares Not Venture

Posted by ProDev Admin at 3:55pm, Wednesday 19th May, 2010
If these newfangled RSS feeds for our News and Blog features aren't enough, we'll do it the old fashioned way — notification emails! The latest feature on Professional Development's WebCommand sites is notification of new posts on news and blogs dispatched via email. This is all automated, and of course, the user can choose on their profile whether or not they want to receive messages. We hate spam just as much as you do. ;)

Traditional vs Internet Marketing (cont...)

Posted by ProDev Admin at 10:02pm, Sunday 18th April, 2010
Different forms of advertising have the ability to reach your market in different ways. The key is to keep it simple and choose a medium that will reach your target market. For Professional Development it is about finally spreading the word about our software after 7 years of development to a market that is looking for a simple yet effective way of managing their website(s) with a system that aligns itself with undoubtedly one of the greatest marketing tools out there, the Search Engine.

Within 8 weeks, we have gone from obscurity to noticeable with 3 traditional forms of marketing, 1 not so traditional, and finally entering into Social Networking (better late than never) combined with the basic marketing and networking we have been doing in the past.

Websites that Sell BillboardSo what marketing have we done that has increased our profile? Sign-writing the car was always a no brainer, but to do so was a big step for us while trying to settle on our branding right down to the font and colours we use. To add a special bling to the car, Stuart and the team from Right Tyre Services kitted us out with a set of Crypt Mags and Pirelli Racing Tyres. Recently we started advertising with GiggleTV, a type of in-store screen medium that plays funny video clips with your ads in-between. Our latest marketing venture, and undoubtedly the biggest, is a billboard at the entrance to the Palmerston North International Airport. Big thanks (scuse the pun :) to Grant and Malcolm of CMN Ltd, these guys are legends with Billboards. Im glad the Palmy wind wasn't at full strength as even the moderate breeze made for an interesting time trying to hand a 6m x 4m sail :) Got there in the end and it looks fantastic! You can't miss it if you are driving into the Palmerston North airport.

Email Signatures

Posted by ProDev Admin at 4:05pm, Friday 9th April, 2010
Sometimes its the little things that can go a long way in marketing. Take for example your email and adding a signature. When you add a signature to your email, be sure to include your web address along and perhaps a link to your physical address through Google Maps with the usual details such as phone number, fax, address etc. With your web address added, you will be surprised how many people will click on it to check your website out.

We have finally updated our signatures after using the same signature for the last 8 years!! Definitely time for an update. A lot can change in 8 years and now we have Social Networking like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and tools like Blogs. These never existing 8 years ago. To take advantage of these tools, we have added them as part of our email signature also, with links straight to applicable pages. A great way to promote the business further. Feel free to join up to our networks as a friend :)

Traditional vs Internet Marketing

Posted by ProDev Admin at 3:47pm, Friday 26th March, 2010
I often get asked, What is the price for a website? That is a bit like going to a car dealer and saying, how much for a car? It all depends, what level of design you would like, or what features and functionality the website has, does it have e-commerce features, or how much marketing you want to put behind the website. So many factors to take into account so bit by bit I have decided to write about some of these factors, and the reasoning behind them. With any luck this should help you with your own decision making processes. One of those decisions might be to advertise traditionally like radio, newspaper or even TV, or Internet Marketing like a website, email marketing programme, or even Social Networking.

Traditional Marketing can compliment Internet Marketing. For example, ensure that you print your website on all brochures and advertisments.

Now as a Web Development company, I already have a tendency to lean toward a website as one of the most cost effective forms of advertising, and heres why; where else can you get International 24/7 advertising with the ability to reach your target market for around a $1 a day? Which advertising medium allows for instant updating of your advertising content at anytime? If you printed 1000 brochures and decided to make a small change, what is the impact of that change?

The reality is that value for money, executed properly, you simply cannot go past owning a website as part of your Internet Marketing strategy.

ATI HDMI on Windows Server 2003 - No black borders

Posted by ProDev Admin at 10:41am, Thursday 25th March, 2010
Well, Microsoft said it couldn't be done, and ATI (aka AMD Graphics) also say it can't be done and is not supported, but with good ole kiwi perseverance, I have managed to get 1920x1080 running flawless complete with overscan on a 24inch High Def monitor over Windows Server 2003 for a recently installed ATI HD4770 video card. The black borders are gone because I have also got the CCC Control Center working that allows setting underscan and overscan to 0%. Now for the kicker, its running dual screen flawless with the 24inch using HDMI input, and a secondary LCD running at 1280x1024 over VGA although this could just as easily have been DVI.

I spent hours trying to find drivers or information of people with success achieving this, and all I found were forums of people in the same boat with the same problem. ATI and Microsoft wont create drivers for these cards for Windows Server 2003 because it is not a desktop environment. Well hello, some of us like to use a Server as a desktop with all the benefits that come with doing so including saving on an extra computer!!

For all the Boffins out there, heres how I did it. After trial an error of different drivers, I found that installing the XP 9.1 standalone Catalyst driver (9-10_xp32_dd.exe) first was necessary. None of the latest drivers including 10.2 at the time of writing work. After rebooting the Server, I then installed the matching 9.1 Catalyst Control Center obtained from (9-10_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu-[].exe). Once the Control Center is installed, you can select DTV, Scaling Options, and adjust the overscan to suit to rid the black borders for a borderless high definition + dual monitor experience on Windows Server 2003. Sweet!!!

Technology can be such a pain

Posted at 4:46pm, Tuesday 19th January, 2010
Tags: facebook
Test test test... and just when you think its working, test again. Turns out our method of auto updating relying on 3rd parties didn't go so well with only 1 out of the 3 sites updating from our Blog, so trying another path which all shall be revealed if it works. Also created a business page off of my personal Facebook page to keep business from pleasure :)

ProDev Blog Posts active

Posted at 12:10pm, Tuesday 19th January, 2010
Finally we have our Blog up!! Why has it taken so long? Because we have been testing integration with Social Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so you only need to make one post through your Blog... the result, more playtime. We like that idea alot!