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GST sorted for clients

Posted by ProDev Admin at 3:38pm, Monday 11th October, 2010
Tags: gst
Now 10 days on since GST was increased, and all of our e-commerce clients are happy to report no problems from the 1st of October.

Professional Developement ensured that all e-commerce clients as of 1 second past midnight were updated at no extra cost and as part of our commitment to ensuring our systems are kept up to date.



Posted by Habul at 9:43pm, Wednesday 2nd December, 2015
It's my opinion we are going to see aoethnr wave of foreclosures here in BC, and across Canada because of this. Far too many flooded the housing market a few years ago buying with no money down in some cases who should never have been allowed to purchase homes,and those tend to be the same people getting into a world of consumer debt. Banks never ever should have allowed this to happen I was shaking my head at the time to see some of the ads out there for homes for sale. Banks are being so careful right now with new purchasers and examining assets harder than ever. In speaking to a friend who is a mortgage broker, he mentioned many banks are looking at things like depreciation reports,financial plans for strata purchases that they never would have worried about before, but they are looking to protect their interest. Same for homes, valuations etc for people renegotiating mortgages. The upside if there is one, is that some of the interest rates out there for mortages right now are considerably lower than 4 years ago, so if your are ready to look for a new mortgage you can save nearly a full percentage point in some cases, taking years off your debt. [url=]inoqctmgdm[/url] [link=]lxcmaaquqxv[/link]


Posted by Mouche at 10:12am, Tuesday 1st December, 2015
I am retired and my wife works part time. We <a href="">defiintely</a> are not rich. Other than camping and fishing, my major recreational activity is golf (3 to 4 times a week). Of the eight courses I frequent, not one has dropped their price and 6 have increased prices! Two have stayed the same but one other that used to charge $20.00 (tax inclusive) is still $20.00 but the surprise kicker is we have an added $2.40 HST. Just did a calculation and have determined the added 7% is me costing $300.00 a year on this activity alone. This week I had a tune up and new tires installed on my 8 year old car. The additional 7% on the service portion of the bill was $41.22. Our furnace started blowing cold air last month because of a blocked tube. It needed no parts, just service. The added service tax is $11.20. HST on my weekly grocery bill is costing about $3.00 a week (natcho chips, etc) or $150.00 a year. The above mentioned tax increases for HST total more than $500.00. We have not been out for a bite to eat or a beer yet, so we can add that on. What amazed me are the increases I missed. My wife and I have self directed RRSP accounts. We are each automatically charged a fee of $135.00 plus tax. HST added $18.90 a year. Automatic payment of bills may be something many will never look at. Oh well, the bill was $67.82 last month but now it is $69.41, an increase of $1.59 or $19.08 yearly??? I have not added up all our bills but I will state that our older family of two with income of about $45,000 will pay close to $1000.00 more per year because of the HST. One other thing! Anyone who smokes is spending anywhere from $150 to $200 more a year. Poorer people in our society may be smokers??


Posted by Gunawansebayang at 10:02am, Saturday 28th November, 2015
- Happy Birthday! Fantastic photos as usual and the first one of Bruno<a href=""> rellay</a> is spectacular, I can imagine how difficult it was for the dogs to resist eating the cake. The last shot is beautiful, those sad eyes patiently waiting for the ok from Mum to eat.


Posted by Dicky at 3:08pm, Friday 27th November, 2015
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