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  • Professional Development are proud to announce the development of a Customer Relationship Management system called ALO.

  • This morning equipment failure in the Sky Tower saw web services affected for a number of providers including Clear and ICONZ. As a customer of ICONZ, unfortunately Professional Development Ltd websites were affected and offline while the technicians...

  • We are conducting training with a client atm on social media tools within their website and how to use a blog effectively

GST sorted for clients

Posted by ProDev Admin at 3:38pm, Monday 11th October, 2010
Tags: gst
Now 10 days on since GST was increased, and all of our e-commerce clients are happy to report no problems from the 1st of October.

Professional Developement ensured that all e-commerce clients as of 1 second past midnight were updated at no extra cost and as part of our commitment to ensuring our systems are kept up to date.

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