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  • Professional Development are proud to announce the development of a Customer Relationship Management system called ALO.

  • This morning equipment failure in the Sky Tower saw web services affected for a number of providers including Clear and ICONZ. As a customer of ICONZ, unfortunately Professional Development Ltd websites were affected and offline while the technicians...

  • We are conducting training with a client atm on social media tools within their website and how to use a blog effectively

Social Media Training

Posted by ProDev Admin at 10:26am, Tuesday 26th June, 2012

We are conducting training with a client atm on social media tools within their website and how to use a blog effectively



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Posted by Ricky at 2:23pm, Friday 27th November, 2015
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Posted by Bicycle at 3:56pm, Tuesday 10th November, 2015
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Posted by David at 1:09am, Friday 30th October, 2015
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Posted by John at 10:30am, Tuesday 26th June, 2012
Social Media is such a powerful tool, why wouldnt you use it to reach more prospective clients?
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