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  • Professional Development are proud to announce the development of a Customer Relationship Management system called ALO.

  • This morning equipment failure in the Sky Tower saw web services affected for a number of providers including Clear and ICONZ. As a customer of ICONZ, unfortunately Professional Development Ltd websites were affected and offline while the technicians...

  • We are conducting training with a client atm on social media tools within their website and how to use a blog effectively

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Email Signatures

Posted by ProDev Admin at 4:05pm, Friday 9th April, 2010
Sometimes its the little things that can go a long way in marketing. Take for example your email and adding a signature. When you add a signature to your email, be sure to include your web address along and perhaps a link to your physical address through Google Maps with the usual details such as phone number, fax, address etc. With your web address added, you will be surprised how many people will click on it to check your website out.

We have finally updated our signatures after using the same signature for the last 8 years!! Definitely time for an update. A lot can change in 8 years and now we have Social Networking like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and tools like Blogs. These never existing 8 years ago. To take advantage of these tools, we have added them as part of our email signature also, with links straight to applicable pages. A great way to promote the business further. Feel free to join up to our networks as a friend :)