Frequently Asked Questions

Google Mobile Friendly

How does the new Google Mobile Friendly algorithm affect me?

You should test your website to see if it is Google Mobile Friendly first.

Go to

If your website is not Google Mobile Friendly, you may need to visit the following page for further information;


Undoubtedly the most frequesntly used Search Engine on the planet,  there are many questions surrounding working with Google. Here are some of the quesdtions we get asked the most that relate to virtually all search engines...

How do I get listed in Google?

Listing in Google can happen a number of ways;

1. Manual Listing: Submit your website address manually in 'Add your URL to Google'

Professional Development and Design

Questions to ask your web developer if you want e-commerce results;

  • Can you optimise images for fast loading?
  • Is my content compatible with all major browsers?
  • Can I update content myself simply online from anywhere?
  • Can I update my own product information?
  • Can import my existing data from accounting packages or my database?
  • Do you provide secure shopping carts with encryption of sensitive information?
  • Can I create an online email marketing campaign?
  • Is my website optimised for Google and search engine friendly?

Professional Development create web solutions that answer 'YES' to all of the above questions.



How long will a web site take to develop?

Professional Development will notify you of approximate time for development and design depending on your requirements. Time frames are generally presented with a wealth of other development information in a proposal after we are certain we understand your needs.

How much will a web site cost?

Often this is the first questioned asked, yet with out the right information, it is almost impossible to answer as every client has different individual needs. Professional Development ask the right questions so we can give you the right answers. Would you walk into MacDonalds and simply ask for a burger? It is all about options, and Professional Development helps you narrow the options down until you have the right solution. Professional Development can provide a number of solutions based on functionality and affordability.

Do you sell computers?

Yes, we sell any type of computer that fits your requirements. ProDev also sell components. (eg. CPU, Motherboards, Hard-drive, DVD-Writers, Memory, Video Cards, Monitors...). Visit our hardware website at